Five signs a company’s culture is right for you

The right role and fair wages are not the only must-haves when looking for a job.

During your job search, you should factor in company culture as a necessary asset in a new role. Why? Because a strong company culture drives great business and turns new starters into great leaders.

You may not want to ask a potential employer what time wine o’clock is on Friday afternoon, but when determining whether a company’s culture is the right fit for you, you do want to consider whether the organisation follows these five best practices.

1. They prioritise health and wellbeing

Happy, healthy employees are key to a business’s success. And recent research shows that health and wellness programs drive employee engagement – and make you more likely to stick around. From ergonomic office equipment and subsidised gym memberships to nutrition, sleep and stress-management programs, it’s important to find out what your potential employer is doing to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

 2. They offer training and development

It’s in a company’s best interest to have its employees working to their full potential. And if you’re a talented, ambitious young professional, it stands to reason that you want to advance your career. So you want to make sure you work for a company that supports your goals.

Understand what workplace training and development opportunities are available to you, such as mentoring, coaching or professional training courses. Such programs help strengthen your skills, improve your performance and boost your confidence. You should also find out what the process is – and your prospects – for upward mobility. Companies that invest in training and development programs demonstrate value and support for their employees. They want you to grow and thrive in your role, both for your sake and theirs.

 3. They encourage you to give back

When companies offer volunteering programs for employees, it not only highlights that they take their corporate responsibility seriously, but that it also benefits you in countless ways. Giving your time and effort to benefit others can be incredibly rewarding, provides important networking opportunities, helps you develop communication and leadership skills, and boosts motivation. It also increases job satisfaction and company loyalty, so you’re more likely to stay.

 4. They conducts employee-engagement surveys and take action

Plenty of organisations conduct employee-engagement surveys these days. However, few actually do anything with the results. Find out whether that’s the case with your potential employer. Companies that follow through with an action plan based on survey feedback show that they have a commitment to improving their organisation and value employee concerns, criticisms and suggestions.

 5. They have fun

A great question to ask a prospective employer is: “What did you do for your last holiday party?” It’s important to know that your employer respects a healthy work-life balance. Holiday parties and other fun activities are a company’s opportunity to thank you employees for their hard work. They give staff the chance to celebrate as a team, bond, and let off steam.

A good title and money are important considerations when you’re looking for a job, but if you come away feeling good about how your prospective employer approaches the five company culture priorities above, you can rest assured the organisation will be a pretty good place to work.

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