“Why Feedback Is Key to Your Greatness in Business and Life”

“What’s the difference between those who get results and those who don’t?

They understand feedback.

There are a lot of people who get results, achieve all of their goals and make lots of money but still are left feeling unhappy, alone, unfit and unfulfilled. I fell in that category for a long time. I was achieving everything I wanted, but still felt lonely, angry and like I wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I became aware of a number of things that were holding me back from my past, and started to understand how to manage feedback did things start to shift.


Watch this video below to understand what I mean.”

There are two types of feedback:


1.  Internal Feedback

How you feel based on the results you are getting.  This could be lonely, depressed, unhappy, exhausted, uncertain and so on.


2.  External Feedback

The things that are happening around you:

– You been working on a business for two years and you have yet to make any sustainable sales.

– You are 50 pounds overweight

– You don’t have many friends

This is all feedback.  There is also Positive Feedback.

Your sales continue to grow, everyone want to spend time with you, you are in the best shape of your life and you are continually asked to speak at events.

Everything in your life is feedback and you have an opportunity to take it and use it to your advantage.  Allow it to identify where you are coming from and how that is serving you.  Are you focused on showing off or are your focused on providing value to your customers? Are you living with passion and intention?

Focus on what works and identify what doesn’t and use the feedback that is both internal (how you feel) and external (your results) to help create a life of continuous evolution and growth.



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